Are there species unknown to science, or is there some other scientific explanation for demon possession. Synthetic telepathy and modern technology may be responsible for some cases. A search for 'parasitic mind control' on google will turn up a number of species that are capable of modifying their preys behaviour. Some cases of demon possession may be attributable to such species. There are many stars in the sky, all of which are suns. We are just beginning to find other planets. Some suspect a completely alien species. Some suspect that those of us with natural telepathic abilities have had the telepathic parts of their minds overidden, potentially allowing invasion of the brain. There are no doubt cases attributable to insanity, multiple personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, and natural genetic cases of split brain syndrome. Modern mind control victims describe symptoms that are very similar to what would have once been described as demon possession. In particular, the ability of inducing thought within a mind. You can analyze sentences and mind control for signs of intelligence, random thought produced by a defective mind will only very rarely produce any type of intelligent thought on a probabilistic basis. If you are not suffering from meaningless hallucinations, such as might be produced by random activation in a defective part of your brain, then you can take comfort in the fact that you are not simply insane. Unfortunately, if that is the case, then you may be up against a being with access to your mind and thoughts. I'll assume for a minute that there may be such a thing as a 'demon' which is in fact a member of a physical species. We should all be familiar with magnetic fields and radio waves, assume for a minute that such a species can't be seen with the naked eye. There are some crucial questions that need to be answered. What does the demon think with? Can such demons be located with localizing synthetic telepathic devices? Can their thoughts be analyzed? Can they be killed? Can they be mentally incarcerated? Is there a relationship between what some describe as a spiritual plane and the 'dark matter' modern astronomers have proposed. There are historical reports of Christian spirits describing a society parallel to our own, that go back centuries. The proportion of demons which commit crimes is not known, but it should be emphasized that many may not commit crimes against us at all. Despite the demon's reputation it has been suggested that human rights apply and that punishment against criminals of their kind be generally equivalent with regards to sentencing as our usual criminal precedents. May every kind have it's angels.

A search for voices, visions, dreams, and history on Google can be instructive. You will find that abuse of 'mental technology' has been occurring for longer than you think. The descriptions are similar to what modern mind control victims suffer. There are sources besides biblical sources, that were written by doctors and other sources, from the 1800's and previous to that. Obviously these are from before the electronic age.

There is reason to believe that there may well be spiritual technology, and that some of it may be alien technology. The accounts of men seeing visions are old. Assuming that there is such technology, those ancient no doubt have seen the truth of the sane forms of natural law. The sane and the moral will naturally ally against evil so that they don't have to live in the midst of evil. Those evil should quit so that they don't have to live amongst each other. A rise of evil is of no benefit to anyone. Those evil should be stopped from advancing technologically so that they don't become a further threat. Abusers of power should be stopped before they become a further risk. You can't conquer or control the universe. The universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old according to the latest scientific approximations. The stars in the sky are suns and galaxies full of thousands of suns. Those ancient likely have the best technology. Hopefully those ancient will assist in arming those with moral, sane intentions. Morality has to be defined as not all of those who believe that they are moral are of sane morality. Hopefully those ancient will assist in applying weapons restrictions to those evil, and sanctions to those societies that are truly run through with evil. Those ancient no doubt do not wish to see serious evils on this planet advance technologically. If those ancient are moral and have the best technology then it is arguable that those evil are likely young and are doomed to be brought to justice.

You can record speeches like the one in the previous paragraph and play them on repeat through headphones. It works sometimes.

Demon possession is historically associated with what is now described as mind control. Mind controllers/demons can be insidiously devious and can mind control and frame people. It is possible to prove you have been mind controlled by carefully examining your memories. It is easy to distinguish a reasoning entity speaking from the type of nonsensical jibberish a defective piece of brain tissue would produce. A similar approach can be used to examine nightmares and mind control in order to attempt to distinguish hallucinations from induced mind control. If the 'storyline' of the induced mind control matches the 'storyline' of voices speaking at the same time, and the victim is clearly put into a deluded state that is not consistent with reality, and the 'storyline' is complex and consistent beyond the laws of probability, then the victim is almost certainly not responsible for his or her actions. This has happened to me personally. Here is a random sentence generator you can show doctors if you need to explain that the voices are clearly created by a reasoning entity, random sentence generator.

Surely this website should be permitted to make the statements made as free speech. If your ethical arguments are sound, then there should be no fear of a statement. Never trust anyone who needs to suppress ethical arguments. Never assume that you will be regarded as an ethical authority if you need to suppress ethical arguments. I am not going to remove this despite the threats against me.

Never Surrender!

I think people really need to focus on criminals who abuse mental technology rather than the technology itself. It's crucial if any of us are going to manage to get armed and stop mental technology abuse. Perps seem to be trained at turning us against each other. People who insist on focusing on people with technology instead of criminals should not be armed as they are likely to attack those trying to help them.

It's easy to observe a clear pattern of behavior in individuals who have a lot of negative things to say about other people trying to arm themselves where those making the negative statements are for weapons control. Particularly if one examines precedents and notes that conviction precedents against people trying to arm themselves are obviously different from ordinary precedents. The desire to control weaponry leads to a conflict of interest that can affect other charges and statements. Where such a conflict of interest has clearly led to unusually aggressive precedents, those judging, and making such statements should be charged with homicide, attempted homicide, where that is applicable, and whatever other related charges apply. They should be extradited if necessary. They should not be trusted to operate within law enforcement and should be fired. They should not be trusted by those who might arm them or ally with them. They should not be trusted to yield advanced weaponry. They should not be trusted to advance technologically. Always remember that they might some day be judging yourself, someone you know, or someone within your society. Besides being vilified, victims of this form of conflict of interest may suffer years of rape, degradation, and mental technology abuse.


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