Fertility rate is a measure of the number of children per women. Fertility rate drops have been excellent throughout the world. The global average has dropped from just under five children in 1965 to 2.45 in 2010. The global average is still declining steadily. Canada's fertility rate has dropped from 3.81 in 1960 to 1.68 in 2010 and is relatively stable at it's current level. Canada has one of the lowest fertility rates given it's population density in the world. The drops in fertility rate have occurred without the need for force or threats.

The number of rock stars singing about tormenting voices is out of proportion with other mysterious phenomina. The number of songs about bigfoot and aliens is far lower than the number of songs about voices. There are some songs about voices which mention mind control as well. There seems to be a definitive link between tormenting voices and mind control. How common is mind control in our society. I've witnessed a link between mind control and framing here. It seems that tormenters and mind controllers are extremely brazen as rock stars are singing about the problem on millions of cds and the problem is ongoing. This would suggest that the problem is to some extent out of control. Is mind control and thought influencing common throughout the general population as well? Is it common amongst politicians who are also public celebrities? Does it influence our laws. I suspect that a low percentage of people in our societies is malicious towards animals. This is all in our defense on animal rights issues.

According to Wikipedia, land used for arable farmland is at 11% worldwide. Clearly we have not utilized the entire surface of the earth, where we need to survive upon it ourselves. We have begun to limit further use through tree replanting, conservation, and other measures. Historically, trapping and other practices have been required to survive. As it has become economically feasible to do so, we can continue to increase legal protection for animals. Fertility rate is a measure of the average number of children women are having. Fertility rates are now less than two in many countries of the world. The average fertility rate of the world is steadily declining. Stabilizing total population is essential in order to halt the problems being created by increasing populations.

If a species capable of communication were to communicate with our mass media and mention animal rights, they could create a very strong reaction towards increasing animal rights. Our animal rights do lag behind our human rights, and from another species perspective, animal rights and human rights should be more equal. As that type of conversation would not be what we would be hoping for in our first introduction to another species capable of communication, those wishing to increase animal rights could expect such an increase in animal rights as a result of the social awkwardness of the introduction, and the realization of another species perspective. Sanctions and threats of force should not be required, though those hampered by sanctions in relation to commerce might find it necessary to obtain defined assurances.

Some increases in animal rights will not disrupt our economies much. As an example, hunting for pure sport is seen as particularily senseless, and could hopefully be completely outlawed. Agriculture is a much more difficult issue as we have nutritional requirements and cost effectiveness issues. One proposal is for indoor, and potentially underground, hydroponic farming with artificial lighting. Though this would seem prohibitively expensive at first, that is not necessarily the case. As an example, strawberries have a very low required height. One could potentially stack perhaps ten shelves of strawberries in a room of normal height, with lighting for each shelf. That would reduce land requirements by a factor of ten for each floor. With multiple floors one could dramatically reduce land requirements. The savings in land cost would provide one offset towards cost effectiveness. Another offset would be obtained by building such farms close to cities to reduce transportation costs. Cheap clean renewable energy would be extremely beneficial for long term cost effectiveness due to lighting energy costs. Another cost offset would be to build such farms close to existing power plants, or put clean energy sources close to the farm. Much of the cost of electrical energy goes towards building and maintaining the large distribution network of power poles and transmission wiring. The greatest amount of land used that could potentially be restored to forest inhabitable by wildlife is farmland. Although oil and mining operations are often labeled as environmentally unfriendly the amount of land used is far less. There are many other proposals for increases in animal rights which have already been proposed by animal rights activists that could be considered more thoroughly.

Preventing people who are for increasing animal rights from arming themselves is clearly unethical. Prejudging anyone on the argument that they might make mistakes while deliberately attacking innocent people is clearly hypocritical.

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